This page expains how to create ,edit, and delete quizzes as well as assign tags to send to learners to assess their skill

Creating Quizzes

To create a quiz navigate to the quiz section and click on the + icon to create a new quiz.

Provide a name, description and select at least one question to be able to create a quiz.

Selecting Questions

You need to select at least one question to be able to save your quiz. You can search through all of your existing questions as well as a library of THORS LLC questions.

Set a Tag

Pick one or more tags from the list to apply to the quiz.

Editing Quizzes

To edit a quiz click on an existing quiz and click the edit button from the drop down menu. Changing the name of the quiz will be reflected throughout the system.

Modifying quizzes that have already been taken by an examinee can have adverse effects.

Deleting Quizzes

Click a quiz from the existing list and click delete from the drop down menu.

Quizzes that have been assigned to users cannot be deleted.

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