Company Settings

View and manage the settings for your MAGNI company. These include email preferences, standard working hours, quiz instructions, custom form fields and more.


Only administrators can access the company settings.

How to access settings for a company

Click on the company settings icon, which is located under administration in the left sidebar. This will take you to the company settings page.

Default Timezone, Date Formatting, and Language

Default Timezone

You can update the default timezone for your company here. The timezone selected is used when creating scheduled notifcations.

Default Date Formatting

Selecting a default date format by country of origin will change the way dates are displayed across the system.

E.g. selecting English (US) will display dates as Month/Day/Year. Selecting German will display dates as

Default Language

Selecting a default language will display items in the language specified if available.

(System data is currently only available in English (US))

Email Preferences

Set if you prefer to receive text only emails. Use this option if your company's email client does not support html emails.

Digital Checklists

Standard Working Hours

Set how many working hours your company works each month for the set calendar year. This data is used on MTBF (Mean time between failures) report calculations.

Working Days and Holidays (Current Year)

Set company working days of the week, (monday-friday by default) and individual holidays with start and end dates. These dates are used for Checklist Reminders. Non-working days and holidays will not send reminders to stakeholders if checklists submissions are missed on these days.


Quiz Instructions

Set to show instructions before a quiz is started by a learner or an examinee. Check 'use default instructions' to show instructions created by the system. Any custom instructions written below will also be displayed.

Custom Form Fields

Create a maxium of 20 custom form fields such as 'employee id' during the registration process for your users or examinees. These fields will display in assessment reports.

Only customers with certificate module will see the following setting.


Set a default passing threshold for assessments here. Set a certificate (.pdf) to be displayed when a learner or examinee has passed the quiz. Custom certificates only display on private assessments.

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