Invite Users

You can invite additional users into the system

Create an Invitation

Navigate to the invite users section and click on button to create a new enrollment key.

Set Seats

Set the amount of seats you would like the invitation to have. Once all the enrollment keys are used the invitation will be deleted.

You cannot set more seats than the total seats you have available

Set Expiration Date

Set the date you wish for the invitation to expire. Once the invitation expires it will no longer be able to be used. You can edit the invitation in the future if you need to move the expiration date.

Set Roles

Add roles appropriate for a new administrator and click save. Administrators get full access to the system, as Basic will receive limited functionality. A new enrollment key will be created for your company.

An invitation must include the learner role for users to be able to take quizzes.

Administrators must have both the administrator role and the administrator checkbox checked

Send Enrollment Key

Once the invitation is created click the copy link to copy it to your clipboard. Send the enrollment key to the new members you want to help assist you managing the system. Your new member can sign up with the registration process.

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