This page explains how to Create questions for your organization. Use questions to create quizzes.

Creating Questions

To create a question navigate to the question section and click on the button to create a new question.

Provide a name, description, Select image,difficulty and at least one answer to be able to create your question.

Selecting an Image

Select an image from the drop down to have a question that has image represented when the question is being displayed.

Pick Difficulty Level

Pick a difficulty level from the drop down list, you may pick from levels 1 - 3, 1 being the easiest.

Adding Answers

Click the 'add answer' button to add a new multiple choice answer. You may add as many multiple choice answers as you wish. Check the answers that are the correct answers. You may have a question with no correct answers, one correct answers, or many.

Set a Tag

Pick one or more tags from the list to apply to the question

Editing Questions

To edit a question click on an existing question and click the edit button from the drop down menu. Changing the name of the question will change it everywhere it is applied, e.g. Quizzes.

Modifying questions that have been taken by examinee can affect reports and are therefore locked.

Deleting Questions

Click a question from the existing list and click delete from the drop down menu.

Questions that have been applied to quizzes, or have reports generated from users taking the quiz cannot be deleted.

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