Taking a Quiz

Instructions on how to take the quiz

To take a quiz use the link provided to you or navigate to the exams page. If you have received a link to the exams page the exams code will be automatically applied. Otherwise fill in the code field manually with the code you were provided. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

Please contact your administrator if you receive a message stating that the code is bad or expired

Select a Quiz

Choose a Quiz to start taking a quiz. There may be one or more quizzes provided. Finish answering all questions on one quiz before proceeding to another quiz.

Answering Questions

To answer a question, select the appropriate answer and click Submit, the next question will appear. When you complete a quiz, the quiz will highlight and a dialog will notify you that the quiz has been completed. Quiz results then can be viewed by an administrator.

Exit Exam

To exit the exams, click the exit button. If you exit the exam page before completing all quizzes, you will have to restart the quiz from the beginning.

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