Lessons are sub sections of courses that can contain one or more activities. One or more lessons can be added to a course.

Viewing lessons

Lessons created in your account will be listed on the lessons page inside the learning menu. All items listed will include the following properties:

  • Name

  • Revision

  • Status

  • Ordered

  • Modified By

  • Date Modified

  • Created By

  • Date Created

Expanding an existing lesson will show any drafts or previous revisions of that lesson.

Creating or editing lessons

Press 'New Lesson' to create a new lesson, give your lesson a name, then press the right arrow to continue to the next screen.

To edit an existing Lesson, click the name of lesson or expand the lesson and click the name in the draft or history section.

Give your lesson a description.

Manage connected activities

  • Multiple activities can be added to the lessons.

  • Press 'Manage Connected Activities' to add activities to the lesson. A window appears with a list of existing published unconnected activities. If an activity does not exist, can click 'Create new activity' to create one now.

  • Check the published activities you want to add to the lesson.

  • Once the activities are connected you may close the manage activities window.

Enforcing order of connected activities

  • Enforcing order on activities requires learners to take activities in order before the next activity can be opened.

  • Drag activities in the order number you want them to appear.

Setting weights on connected activities

  • Set the weights for the connected activities on the lesson. the sum of the weight must equal 100%.

  • Once these properties are set you can now publish the Lesson.

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